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The Vacuum Manifold

I am fascinated with everything involving electricity and plasma, and the resulting artwork that can be produced.


Plasma fascinates me because the low pressure environment allows normally invisible gases to become brightly visible. Seeing such superheated, ionised gas being controlled and confined to the inside of a tube is scientifically amazing in itself.

My hobby started out as a fascination in lighting in general. Why fluorescent lights flicker on and why they glow at the ends during startup. Why sodium street lights change colour as they warm up, and how neon tubes can be clear when they are off but bright red when lit.

This led to me gathering a collection of various lighting tubes, fittings and other technologies associated with it so I could learn more about it.


This is until I got hold of a sodium street light lamp (SOX lamp) and could power it up and watch it warm up in close proximity. It was at this point that I fell in love with plasma, neon signs, giessler tubes and the like.

My attention then shifted to looking for information on how such things are created and what equipment is required to do so. I therefore took on the challenge and sourced each part I needed one at a time until I could finally achieve success.

Now has finally come the time where I can share these plasma filled tubes with you. Just have a look in the gallery page and see if one you like is available yet!



This device draws the air out of the tube attached to it and also allows gases to be re-admitted into the tube in very precise amounts. Currently air, Neon and Argon is available, more gases coming soon!

Used to generate high voltages at high currents, to bake out impurities from the tube. This step ensures they last a long time.

The Bombarding Unit

Currently building my selection of torches allowing more sophisticated lamps to be produced with each new installement.

And the torches